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- HeavenY
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What readers are saying about ONE:

"This book is what so many of us crave in conversation… it is thought-provoking, transcendental and worth any thinking person’s consideration. If you consider yourself a free thinker, this book is is for you. I would love to sit over a bottle of wine and discuss life and humanity with the author. ♥️ LOVE THIS BOOK!"

- Bettina A.

"Well-written, provocative and the kind of book that stays with you long after you've finished reading. All thumbs up!"

- T. Smith

This is a book of great self discovery and placement of your true self in the world. (T)ake the journey McLaughlin has offered...It's a great read!

- Thomas

...a deep dive into an ocean of thoughts and ideas regarding philosophy, religion, psychology, poetry, and human nature...the causation of inner reflection and deep examination of self. I highly recommend you buckle up and enjoy the ride called “One”.

- Matthew G

"Daring, provocative, jarring at times, but always honest, ONE delivers. McLaughlin delves into the meaning and true purpose of life with a raw and scorching honesty rarely felt or appreciated in modern day literature.  ONE will linger long after the last page is read."

- HeavenY

Simple, Complex, Philosophical, Religious, Spiritual, POWERFUL... an intellectual journey worth taking. Digs deep into the origins and future of the self... absolutely fascinating!


There is a ton of wisdom in ONE. You will be enlightened and see yourself, others and all differently after this journey. Enjoy!!

- Margie E.

(A)n exciting intellectual journey through history, questions, and observations. Mclaughlin has taken us on a journey, a voyage to discover consciousness and the operations of the mind.  If you do one thing for yourself this year, read this book…twice.

- read lockhart

...a highly readable exploration into the core of why we create by cruising through the history of consciousness, the development of the self, the circuitous path of becoming.  the story of our nature and our search for meaning... and what we can be for one-another.

- Roger Colombik
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