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Jerome Michael McLaughlin is a formally trained visual artist, photographer, entrepreneur, and author. His work, both written and visual, explores the vast uncertainty inherent in the universe and our clumsy but noble attempts to assemble a sense of structured order through the operation of individual human consciousness.

Jerome Michael challenges us to rethink our position within the world and to embrace our own personal authority as a unique, free-thinking, and independent being in possession of a nearly supernatural superpower: The capacity to change our own mind.


For the past 35 years, Jerome Michael has crisscrossed the globe seeking answers to the conundrum of conscious existence - the very meaning of being. Along his personal journey of solace and self-discovery, he has collected pieces to the enigmatic puzzle of human consciousness, and the age-old questions of salvation refitted and reformulated into a workable approach to life – a life lived with purpose.


Jerome Michael currently lives in the serene and soulful hill country just west of Austin, Texas.

To see some of my visual work, please click here.

Select Art Exhibitions

2021 - LUN + OJO Gallery, Taos, NM
2018 - Read Lockhart Gallery

2016 - Levi Gallery – Moore College of Art and Design–5 into 1 

2016 - College Art Association (CAA) Annual Regional Exhibition, Katzen Art Center, American University 

2016 - Tyler School of Art – Philly Art School Annual Student Exhibit 

2015 - Gallery 128 – PAFA Museum (Juried Exhibition)

2015 - Gallery 128 – PAFA Museum (Juried Exhibition)

2014 - Gallery 128 PAFA (juried), Philadelphia, PA

2013 - Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY

2012 - Parallax Art Fair (NYC) – New York, NY

2012 - Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY

2011 - High-Line Open Studios, Chelsea, NY

2010 - Chelsea Art Museum (Private event) – New York, NY

2008 - SOMA Grand – San Francisco, CA

2007 - Space Gallery – San Francisco, CA

2007 - Reaves Gallery – San Francisco, CA

2007 - Wine Bar – San Francisco, CA

2007 - “Live or Tell” – SomArts, San Francisco, CA

2006 - “To Each Its Own” – Utopia Salon, San Francisco, CA

2005 - “Rediscovery: The Lost Art of Play” – Dragon Bar, San Francisco, CA

2005 - “Four is a Crowd” – 550 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA

2005 - “Revealed” – South Van Ness Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art (PAFA)
  • MFA - Masters of Fine Arts

  • Post-Baccalaureate 

UC Davis

  • BA – Political Science

To see some of my visual work, click on the images below.

Art & Objects




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