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Man Stupidly Sails through Hurricane Writes Brilliant Book

about Black Holes, Killer Robots, and Toilet Paper

(…and the Bright, Bright Future of Humankind)

New Non-fiction Book Delivers an Ocean of Radical and Refreshing Ideas about Life and the Meaning of Existence in a World without Purpose

AUSTIN, TX (September 17, 2021) Author, contemporary artist, and entrepreneur, Jerome Michael McLaughlin, approaches life without hesitation. When a friend called and asked for help saving his lifelong dream – to sail around the world with his young family - from the destructive path of an approaching hurricane, the answer was “Yes”. Within hours, he was climbing aboard a 47-foot sailboat, even though he had never sailed a day in his life.


The two-man crew set a course due south to skirt the wrath of oncoming Maria, now a category 5 hurricane. But the powerful storm turned unexpectedly and was quickly upon them. For three sleepless days and nights, they battled the raging storm’s 100 mile-per-hour winds and 40-foot swells. Escape seemed unlikely. But the storm eventually subsided, and they limped the battered boat back to Puerto Rico exhausted but alive, to find an island paradise in ruin.


Jerome Michael McLaughlin applies this unflinching approach in his new book, ONE: An Intellectual Odyssey to Rediscover the Most Powerful Being in the Universe – You.  He tackles life’s biggest questions – the ones that blow us over and toss our world into chaos - with the same bold resolve. His mission? To reposition the individual as the sole determinant of meaningful existence and the primary catalyst for the ultimate salvation of humankind.


“If we as individuals do not reform ourselves, we as a species are doomed,” Jerome Michael McLaughlin proclaims. “Every individual has the capacity to harness their intrinsic power to engage in a purposeful pursuit of personal transformation. Only then can we as a whole be truly free.”


In his first book, ONE, McLaughlin illustrates a bold new approach to existence: How to create a transformative life filled with meaning and purpose in a universe that remains steadfastly indifferent. ONE reimagines the concept of ‘the self’ and reconsiders our future by challenging each of us to take the first critical step – our own inward journey. He challenges each of us to rethink our personal position within the universe and to embrace our individual authority as a unique, free-thinking, independent, and sovereign being in possession of a power of almost supernatural order: The power to change our own mind.


Along ONE’s journey we visit with ancient mystical thinkers, rediscover the lost wisdom of antiquity, wade through the infinite conundrum of human consciousness, wander across the dazzling infinity of the cosmos, and venture into the strange indeterminacy that is the heart of the atom, as we explore the unnerving yet energizing potentialities that abound within YOU - the transformational self.


ONE is a must read for anyone who has ever questioned the meaning of life, or more importantly, considered an introspective examination of their own individual existence to better understand the meaning of “being alive” and their personal mission as a vital participant in the grand endeavor of human progress.


Jerome Michael McLaughlin is an author, formally trained visual artist, and entrepreneur living in Austin, TX. For the past 35 years, he has crisscrossed the globe seeking answers to the conundrum of consciousness and the purpose of human existence - the very meaning of being. Along his personal journey of solace and self-discovery, he has collected assorted pieces to the enigmatic puzzle of human mindfulness, and the age-old questions of salvation refitted and reformulated into a workable approach to existence – a life lived with purpose.