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Every individual possesses the capacity to engage in the art of personal transformation - the ability to change our own mind.

To begin, each of us must embark upon an inward journey to explore and discover our individual 

Only then can we as individuals and as a civilization, be truly free.


Jerome Michael McLaughlin
  1. To acknowledge and celebrate the sovereignty of the individual.

  2. To unleash the enormous power contained within every conscious human being.

  3. To use the power of language to gently persuade each of us to locate our own individual mission and fulfill the timeless universal human need for meaning.

  4. To offer ideas and concepts that we intuitively sense but may require more precise articulation to be better understood, absorbed, and put into motion.

  5. To unearth and recirculate the noble ideas of our ancient ancestors - the secrets of life learned over thousands of generations.

  6. To reimagine where we are going as a species and how we might get there together in a way that respects the sanctity and dignity of the individual.

  7. To steer us from away from the madness of collective groupthink. (The answer is not without, but within.)

  8. To practice independent and critical thinking to distill life’s complexity into simple commonsense wisdom.

  9. To learn more about myself - one person with one mind in one body living one life alone amongst billions of others doing the same hoping I might become better, more valuable to myself, and hopefully, to all of humankind in the process.

  10. To do all that I can as a single sovereign individual to actualize positive and productive human progress to manifest the final destiny of humankind – true freedom.

Guiding Principles 

Change your mind. Change Yourself. Change the world.























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