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An Intellectual Odyssey to Rediscover the Most Powerful Being in the Universe - YOU
You have two lives. The second begins
when you realize you have only one.”
                                                    - Confucius

ONE is an inner-transformational journey across history, philosophy, art, physics, and psychology to explore how YOU, a single individual, arose to become a unique and supreme super-power capable of impacting humanity forever.


Along the way, visit with ancient mystical thinkers, connect with the lost wisdom of antiquity, wade through the conundrum of human consciousness, wander across the infinite cosmos, venture into the strange indeterminacy that lurks within the atom, and explore the energizing potentialities that abound within YOU - the transformational self.

ONE is a revolutionary exploration of individuality and enlightenment that answers the paradoxical question posed by contemporary intellectuals…How can I use the power of my own mind to create a purpose-driven life in a world seemingly without purpose?


YOU, reimagined as ONE, possess the power to alter not only yourself, but affect the future destiny of humankind. 


Never before has there been such a time. Now YOU, a single individual, have the power to change the future for all of us forever

So, where do YOU begin?

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