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Ultimately, ONE is the story of US - the most sophisticated and complex beings in the universe. Each of US is part of the long chain of human progress marching toward some unknown destination. 


Yet as advanced as we may appear, we have reached a rather confounding juncture:

  • How do we know so much, but still understand so little?

  • How have we learned so much, but still don't know who we are?


  • Why do we seem to be moving in one direction, but can't determine where we’re headed?

  • How can we create a life of meaning in a world without purpose?


To solve the conundrum that is US, we have experimented with a wide variety of ideas, concepts, theories, and institutions designed to deliver the final solution to these perennial problems.


To date, none have proven effective, or even satisfactory. If fact, most have been disastrous.

But we have now arrived at a unique point in time, a pivotal turn in human history. The knowledge, the language, the culture, and the human mind have advanced to a point that we can recognize (re-cognize) the concept of YOU.


Never before has there been such a time. Now YOU, a single individual, have the power to change the future for all of US

So, where do YOU begin?

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